We are dedicated to teaching about and defending the human, civil and constitutional rights of people experiencing houselessness.

We are a community organization raising awareness of issues that houseless people in our community are facing. 

Lack of affordable housing, racial oppression, sexism, and other obstacles are keeping people houseless.

Through public education and direct actions, we are helping to reduce houselessness in Portland. We are increasing public understanding on what it is to be houseless, how everyday people become houseless, and how we can best help and support those seeking a way out of houselessness. We invite you to learn who we are and what we do. We invite you to become involved in our mission.

We welcome you, no matter who you are, or your current situation.

Visit https://joannforportland.com/ Everyone knows that there is a housing crisis in Portland; but when you're in a school, you can really see the domino effect that this crisis has on our kids, parents, and teachers. Thank you, Madeleine and Rebecca, for sharing your experiences.

I first met Ibrahim and Lisa when I was homeless and in a domestic violent relationship. My boyfriend at the time was in jail and I was camping over by St. Francis with my dog Paige and best friend Marty. I heard that someone was gunna start a rest area for the unhoused across the bridge on 4th and Burnside. I thought it was a silly rumour but it was the best decision I made when I decided to go check it out. Ibrahim made me feel welcome at once. I felt safe and that I actually mattered . He helped me through the bad relationship I was in once my boyfriend got out of jail he protected both me and my dog, I can never thank him enough for that. I stayed at R2D2 for a year or so then I meet my now husband got into housing and a job and have been stable ever since. I thank Ibrahim and Lisa for everything they have taught me. They taught me to be non judgemental , to listen to people to understand where they are coming from. And most importantly they taught me to respect myself and others plus they taught me how to be grateful and humble. Even to this day I consider them part of family, even it wasn’t for them who knows where I would be. Freckles

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A sketch by the Chair, Lisa Fay, during a recent workshop

A sketch by the Chair, Lisa Fay, during a recent workshop