Volunteers And The R2S Value Proposition

If you come to a Right 2 Survive meeting, there will be plenty of opportunity to see how and what the organization is doing.  Right 2 Survive is a valuable community resource advocating and training about solutions to homelessness.  The organization is growing and volunteers are thrilled to see that there are various ways to help as well as have fun.  There is an active media group open to anyone interested in any area of film production.  The social outreach folks are looking for people that want to concentrate on vlogging, blogging, web design and all the rest in a way to spread the advocacy of the work.  Folks who live outside super appreciate when  volunteers contribute by interacting with the community thru under the bridge walks, Ambassador Program events, grant writing, teaching encampment procedures, public speaking, planning, envisioning and researching.  Recently the Board Chair wrote a research blog on issues around the Superfund cleanup of the Willamette River and how it affects people camping along or close by the river.  See that blog here.

I  know it's a bit out of context however I love The Second Coming by Yeats: "Surely some revelation is at hand" as we go "Slouching towards Bethlehem to be born" see the video below.

Catching up on an event a while back, the theme of the Left Forum 2018 was “Towards a New Strategy for the Left”, which itself stirred up a debate between the left and the other left.  Well I didn’t watch enough videos to fully decipher what a new strategy for the left might be. However Bruce Dixon wrote  “What Would an Authentic 21st Century US Left Look Like” which could be a great outline for Right 2 Survive to incorporate into it's mission and vision statements.

If you would like to support the efforts of Right 2 Survive, please click on the link below and also please share this email with your friends.

Link to the volunteer sign up button

Our meetings are open to the public and we would be honored to see you there.  See below for details.  Chico