Our work over the over the years.


Homeless Bill of Rights


Oregon's Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign (HBR) strives to ensure that ALL people have the basic right to live where they choose without fear of harassment and criminalization.  Today, numerous laws infringe on poor people’s equal protection under the law. We have introduced legislation called the Right to Rest in California, Oregon, and Colorado to overturn local laws targeted to remove certain people from public space. While the legislation did not make it out of committee in these three states this year, we will continue to build up our organizing efforts to come back next year with an even stronger legislative fight. The HBR campaign is more than an effort to pass state legislation. It is a way of working collectively with groups possessing different talents to address the injustices which we face in our communities. Though we have not been granted an immediate victory, we are building the power to create a social justice movement that will create a society where we can all thrive.

Right 2 Survive is actively leading the fight in Oregon, along with other organizations, against institutionalized houseless oppression by working with WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project), a multi-state coalition working to create model legislation which ensures the rights of poor and houseless persons. Poor and homeless people will continue to experience violence, harassment, ticketing and jailing at the hands of the police until we the people insist they desist.

As part of WRAP, Right 2 Survive brings an educational presentation to other organizations, explaining the history and economic impact on those living near the poverty line. If your organization would like to host a presentation, we would be grateful for the opportunity to share our understanding on root causes of homelessness and how these causes can be overcome.

More information on WRAP, the Homeless Bill of Rights legislative initiative, and our Without Housing educational presentation can be found on the WRAP homepage at http://www.wraphome.org

If you would like to become involved in WRAP with us we invite you to attend one of our WRAP meetings in person, just bring along your curiosity and a willingness to learn. 


Right 2 dream too


Right 2 Dream Too (R2D2) was established on World Homeless Action Day, Oct. 10th, 2011 as a direct action of Right 2 Survive. R2DToo is a nonprofit organization operating a space that provides refuge and a safe space to rest or sleep undisturbed to Portland's unhoused community who cannot access affordable housing or shelter.

Right 2 Survive continues to support and work with R2DToo in its mission to provide a safe space for those who have no other place to sleep.

Right 2 Dream Too gives up to 100 persons a place to sleep up to 12 hours every day and night. They are open 24/7. Volunteers are always welcome to help with the various tasks that keep R2DToo a safe and secure place for people to rest. Donations of food, tents, sleeping bags, clothes, food, first aid supplies, toiletries, etc are great! The more they have to help people the more we can help. Please bring your donations, time, and ideas to the corner of W Burnside and 4th Ave. If you have expertise in medicine, healing, conflict resolution, trade skills, or have anything to share which could help someone who is in a desperate situation, or just want to give a hand, we welcome your help.




Each year as a highlight of Portland's Rose Festival, our city hosts a Grand Floral Parade, attracting tourism and encouraging local business.

In order to accommodate attendees, the City of Portland issues a permit which allows people to camp overnight on the night proceeding along the parade's 4.2 mile route. The rest of the year Portland's police and private security harasses, oppress, cite and arrest people who must sleep on the streets because they have no other place to sleep. With the shelters full, houseless people have no other place to sleep without trespassing on private properties.

During this one night when it is legal to sleep on the sidewalks, Right 2 Survive hosts a camp out in protest of the taking and destruction of persons belongings and the criminalization of the houseless. Criminal records do not help people obtain employment so they can get off the streets. Punishing someone with criminal penalties simply for exercising the human need for sleep is wrong. We feel funds spent on policing and harassing those needing sleep would be better spent on shelters, affordable or low-income housing, and employment assistance.


right 2 survive radio

Right 2 Survive Radio airs on KBOO 90.7FM on the second Wednesday of every month at 6 pm. Right 2 Survive Radio is Portland's voice for houseless issues from the perspective of those affected most- that of the displaced and disenfranchised living on our streets.

Volunteer with Right 2 Survive Radio:

If you interested in helping us conduct interviews for our show, or with editing, we would be very happy to help you help us raise awareness of houseless issues. We also offer free classes (to our volunteers) for learning and developing skills in radio broadcasting.

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under the bridge walk

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, R2S leads walks under Portland's bridges, talking with people from the houseless community. The walks also aim to help educate housed individuals about the realities of being houseless, and to forge personal connections between housed and unhoused people.

The Ambassador Project works closely with Right 2 Dream Too, a direct-action project of Right 2 Survive that provides twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep for those without access to shelters or affordable housing. Right 2 Dream Too (R2DToo) works to raise awareness of the importance of being able to sleep undisturbed by threat of violence. R2DToo provides people mental and physical space to address challenges that the houseless and other communities share in the Portland area. For the last five years, R2DToo has provided refuge for 120 people a night in the Old Town/Chinatown district.

R2DToo will lose its current site in April 2017. The Ambassador Program seeks to involve housed and houseless people citywide in securing a new site for Right 2 Dream Too.

Use Your Voice
Right 2 Dream Too needs the attention of city and county officials to move forward with its location change, where it can continue to offer refuge to over one hundred people daily. If you have words of support, please tell them to:

City Commissioner Amanda Fritz: amanda@portlandoregon.gov
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 220
Portland OR 97204
(503) 823-3008

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 340
Portland OR 97204
(503) 823-4120

Monthly Tours

Come learn about Right 2 Dream Too by taking a tour. The Ambassador Program offers tours on the third Sunday of each month at 1:30. Please gather at the front desk on NW 4th Avenue near Burnside.

All Hands on Deck

Right 2 Dream Too will lose its site in April; our All Hands on Deck art project is one way we are insisting on a future site: we will build it, tile by tile, until it becomes a reality. Shape in your hand a clay tile to help build a path into a Right 2 Dream Too. All Hands on Deck involves other efforts too (seeUse Your Voice) to make sure Right 2 Dream Too continues past April. Houseless and formerly houseless people have organized a constructive approach to protecting sleep for houseless people, and it will take all hands on deck to make sure it continues.

Light the Hearth Celebration
We will hold a teach-in celebration to bring together housed and houseless people in the North Park Blocks on Wed. May 10. Let’s make art and enjoy music, drama, and poetry while Right 2 Survive broadcasts its monthly KBOO show live.

We will offer collaborative poetry workshops to bring together housed and houseless people exploring ideas of home and community. We will publish an anthology to coincide with the Light the Hearth Celebration on May 10.

We are surveying perceptions between housed and houseless Portlanders to create a report.

If you are interested indeveloping neighborhood programs in which houseless people share expertise about emergency preparedness, please contact us: right2survive@gmail.com


right 2 survive media group

Right 2 Survive is host to an active media group raising awareness of houseless issues. The group is currently working in the audio/visual medium, and meets twice a month. Updates coming soon!


Best Graffiti Artist Contest

Every year Right 2 Survive hosts The Best Graffiti Artist contest in Portland. Graffiti artists from the area compete for the title of Best Graffiti Artist. Many artists show up to show off their skills.

Besides cans of spray paint, this fund raising event has also hosted local music performing artists, break dancers, artisans, and refreshments.

By supporting local artists, Right 2 Survive is creating an opportunity for artists to display their skills in a wholesome, productive environment, encouraging them to pursue their individual artistic goals. Graffiti Art is an artistic expression that originated in areas of disenfranchised minorities and has become a form of expression for the disenfranchised. We appreciate and support all artistic expression. 

How You Can Help

If you are an artist, musician, want to volunteer, or have other ways you'd like to contribute to the event, please contact  Ibrahim Mubarak at (503) 839-9992.  Artists can register for the competition here. Advance tickets for this year's event can be purchased through Eventbrite, or are available at the door. Sliding scale admission is available.


Portland harbor superfund site

The Portland Harbor Superfund Site is an 11-mile stretch of the Willamette River, from the Broadway Bridge to the Columbia River. Over a century of industrial pollution has left toxic substances, including heavy metals, PCBs, dioxin, and pesticides in the soil and sediments of the river and on it's banks. Fish that live year-round in the Portland Harbor such as bass, carp, and catfish pose a health risk to those who eat them because of these toxins. It will take at least 20-30 years to clean up the river.

Those which polluted the river are called "potentially responsible parties" (PRPs). The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that the PRPs pay for the river's cleanup. For over 15 years, the EPA, the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and PRPs have conducted studies to determine a cleanup plan.

In early April 2016, the EPA will release the proposed cleanup plan for public review and comment. The public will have 60 days (April and May) to review the plan and formally comment on it. The EPA will respond to all public comments, and consider them in a final decision.

How You Can Help

Right 2 Survive is directly involved in the help to educate those living along the Willamette River to the dangers which these pollutants pose to health and safety. We are are directly involved with The Portland Harbor Community Coalition in working with the EPA to represent community concerns and needs as the plan moves forward. We also host river walks, in which we distribute educational information about the river and it's hazards to person's living and playing along the river, including houseless campers, minorities utilizing the river for food, swimmers, and boaters.

You are welcome to come walk the river with us and help in our educational campaign. You can also get involved with our ally organizations.

You can submit public testimony on the river and how you would like to see the plan move forward. Tips Here

You can find out more through our ally organization Portland Harbor Community Coalition (PHCC) on their website.


Living stages

Right 2 Survive is working with Living Stages in creating forum theater in a style called "Theater of the Oppressed", giving voice to those who are houseless and other disenfranchised peoples striving to survive in our community. Through grants from Oregon Humanities and Central Northeast Neighbors, we have created a theater project called 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' which highlights the conflicts between houseless folks and housed folk who both live and work in the same neighborhoods.

Historically houseless people were more invisible, and stereotypes have been barriers to living a successful life in our society. As the housing crisis continues, these problems effect more people. Our community forum theater invites people to take the role of characters on stage as we attempt to identify causes of oppression and cycles of disenfranchisement.

How to Help

Come to one of our performances! Take part in the discussion and dialogue! Have fun and be entertained! Check our calendar for dates, times, and locations!

Also, if you know of venues, organizations, or communities who may like us to present a performance, please contact us!

If you'd like to help with our theater production, or would like to be involved in other ways with Living Stages, please contact Tamara Lynne of Living Stages at tamara@livingstages.org